Patented Twin Tank
4 Resistance levels
Fluid Monitor
Made of steel and American ash wood

Benefits of the Fluid Rower Apollo Plus

  • Fluid Monitor with all essential parameters
  • Ergonomic handle for a good grip and correct posture
  • Soft, ergonomic and non-slip seat for ultimate comfort
  • Sturdy tank frame made of one piece bent steel
  • Individually adjustable footplates and straps, includes heel support
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Fluid Rower Apollo Plus
Fluid Rower Apollo Plus
Fluid Rower Apollo Plus
Fluid Rower Apollo Plus
Fluid Rower Apollo Plus
Fluid Rower Apollo Plus
Fluid Rower Apollo Plus
Fluid Rower Apollo Plus
Fluid Rower Apollo Plus
Fluid Rower Apollo Plus
Fluid Rower Apollo Plus
Fluid Rower Apollo Plus
Fluid Rower Apollo Plus
Fluid Rower Apollo Plus
Fluid Rower Apollo Plus
Fluid Rower Apollo Plus



Fluid Monitor

With all essential training parameters

From your time per five hundred meters to the total distance covered, accurate down to the meter. From the number of rowing strokes per minute to the number of watts per rowing stroke. Keep track of all your training parameters at a glance with the simple but complete Fluid Monitor.

Fluid monitor

Clearly legible from any viewing angle

The viewing angle can be adjusted as desired, so your results are always clearly visible. Add 100 meters to your training goal at the touch of a button, or adjust the resistance level to the level you set with the adjustment dial on the water tank.


The heart rate monitor is suitable for a Fluid+ rowing machine. By measuring your heart rate, you will know if you are making an optimal effort. An excessive heart rate can lead to an overload of physical effort and injuries. If your heart rate remains too low, your endurance will barely improve. In short, this heart rate sports belt gives you valuable information to make your workouts effective and safe!



The best of both worlds for any setting

Using only the finest materials, like ash wood, elegance is combined with strength and durability, adding a touch of craftmanship to any space.

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Made of durable steel and American ash wood

The Apollo Plus combines the best of both worlds: the sturdiness of steel and the robust look of wood. The frame at the water tank is steel, while the rest of the rower is made of strong and durable American ash wood.

Durable and extra protected wood finish

The wood has been sanded and varnished twice for extra protection, even during the most intense workouts.


Every detail has been optimised for intensive and long-term use

Each threaded hole in the wooden frame is fitted with a metal bushing. This prevents the wood from splitting or the screw from overturning during assembly and the rowing trainer from losing its sturdiness over time.

For extra stability, the seat rides on a dual rail

The double-bearing wheels under the seat ride smoothly over two plastic strips attached to both rails. This prevents wear and tear, resulting in an always silent rowing experience: you won’t hear any sound other than the ‘whoosh’ of the moving water.

Ergonomic handle for a good grip and correct posture

The Fluid Rower Apollo Plus has an ergonomic handle. Thanks to its slightly curved and extra-wide shape, it provides the best grip during every rowing stroke. Your body automatically assumes the best posture so you can apply the most force. The handle is connected to a nylon belt: strong, quiet and stable. The strength of the bungee, the elastic band that pulls the belt back, has been optimised so that it doesn’t add resistance but still smoothly pulls the belt back into the trainer as soon as you move forward. This is done in one smooth movement, without the bungee giving a pulling sensation or the belt ‘stuttering’ during this movement.


Tank frame effortlessly withstands the most powerful rowing stroke

The wooden frame above the tank absorbs the most force during exercise. That’s because you push off on the footplate and pull on the pulley at the front of the frame using the cord. Because this frame consists of one part curved wood on the Fluid Rower Viking 3 V, it prevents squeaks and creaks and feels super sturdy. This allows you to exercise as intensively as you want on a Fluid Rower without worrying about breaking anything.

Fluid resistance: rowing as if you were on the water

Rowing with a Fluid Rower sounds, feels and looks like you are on the water thanks to the high-quality water tank with patented Twin Tank technology. This unique system easily lets you adjust the resistance of the water at any time using the dial.

Excellent warranty terms

5 Years


Lifetime Warranty


Note: This concerns warranty for home use in the Benelux and Germany. You will find detailed info in the warranty conditions.

2 Years

Wear & Tear parts




Type Fluid Monitor
Time Real time insights rowing stroke
Time / 500m
Resistance level
Power graph
Heart rate
Bluetooth chest belt compatible
Analog chest belt compatible


Use Home
Color Light oak
Material Steel
Water tank Fluid Twin Tank
Water tank finish Screws
Resistance levels 4
Seat Comfort+
Adjustable footrests
Handle Ergonomic
Rail type Dual rail
Rail brushes
Transport wheels
Extra raised legs


Dimensions L213 x W52 x H56 (cm)
Space required L213 x W54 x H56 (cm)
Weight 34,70 kg
Max user weight 150 kg
Packaging dimensions 1 L 101 x W 56 x H 58.5 cm
Packaging dimensions 2 L 223 x W 16.2 x H 8 cm
SKU 22FAPP0000
EAN 4895147802794
Touch Heart Rate Handle compatible
Smartphone Holder compatible
Seat Back Kit compatible
Elevation Kit (100 mm) compatible
Elevation Kit (190 mm) compatible
XL Tablet Holder compatible


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