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Our rowing machines are made and certified to the highest quality standards. Every step is closely monitored during the entire production process. We believe in the quality of our products and that is why you will always receive multiple years of warranty on your Fluid Rower. Nevertheless, it is always possible that you may encounter a problem. In such a case, our service team is at your disposal.


Take a look at the frequently asked questions or download the manual of the relevant product.

Manuals & service videos



Did you encounter a malfunction? Is a part defective, broken, missing or do you want to purchase new parts? Please use the service platform of our partner Tunturi.

Service request    Purchase spare parts

Note: we will first ask you to create a user account. This way, we can process your problem reports and purchasing orders for new parts as fast and safe as possible. When you report a problem, we require some additional information: serial number, date of purchase and optional attachments like a scan or photo of your purchase receipt, the defective product or part.



Log in as a dealer to report problems or purchase parts for all showroom related products. You will be redirected to Tunturi's service platform.


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Frequently asked questions

Report a problem & buy spare parts
Can I report my problem or malfunction to you, and where?

Yes, that is possible. Report the problem or malfunction via our service form

Keep the trainer serial number, date and location of purchase, and problem description available here. Also provide us with photos of the receipt, defect and serial number so that we can resolve the problem and get your trainer back into use quickly.

Note: The service above,  is only applicable for customers from the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. For other countries, get in touch with the dealer where the trainer was bought.

I am missing a part. Can I order it through Tunturi?

Of course you can. Is the part worn out or broken and is this still within the warranty period of the trainer? Please report this via our service form.

Is the broken part outside the warranty period? Then you can order it in our webshop. Click on PURCHASE PARTS. Create an account or log in if you already have an account with us. Then click on SPARE PARTS and you are in our webshop. Enter your part number in the search bar. And the article appears.

Don't know what part number you need? Please send an email to info[at] Mention here, always the serial number, the model/type of the trainer.

What should I do if a part is not available?

If you click on the article in the webshop you will see if it is in stock. If it is not in stock it says under the article ALTERNATIVE ARTICLE. This can be used as an alternative. You can click on the picture to select the article and put it in your shopping cart.

Can I exchange or return a part?

If the part is unused and in its original packaging, it is possible to exchange or return the part. If this is not the case, it is unfortunately not possible to exchange or return the part. Once we have received the returned part, we will credit it - after review - within two weeks. We will only credit the part and not the shipping costs The return address is: Tunturi New Fitness B.V., De Steiger 89, 1351 AH Almere, The Netherlands. Please note that the return costs are not reimbursed. 

How do I pay for my part?

Do you already have an account? Go to PURCHASE PARTS. Then choose the option "forgot password", to create a new password and use the web shop environment again.

Don't have an account yet? Then you can easily create it via the service page / purchase parts / create account.

You can order and pay directly with iDeal, Paypal or a credit card.

If you are not a resident in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany or Luxembourg, please refer to the reseller/dealer where you purchased your product. They are aware of the service procedure. 

Where can I find my rowing machines serial number?

For the horizontal rowing machines, serial number is indicated at the bottom of the footplate.

My serial number is not recognized when entering the number. What to do then?

Please check your statement again to see if you entered the number correctly. If the number is correct you can simply proceed with further registration of your service request. One of our service representatives may contact you with further questions.

When will the mechanic come to fix the problem or malfunction?

If you are a resident in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany or Luxembourg, you will first receive a confirmation of receipt from our service partner, FSS Service. Then, within 4 business days, a repair date proposal will be sent to the email address provided. If you do not respond that you are on the proposed repair date then this becomes the date that the service technician comes by.

If you are not a resident in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany or Luxembourg, please refer to the reseller/dealer where you purchased your product.

I already have an older rowing machine with a defect. Is it worth repairing? Or, given the cost of assembly, is it better to buy a new rowing machine?

This depends on the size of the defect. To know the cost of a repair, we recommend that you request a quote through our service partner FSS Service. Please send an email to [email protected] and include the model/type and serial number of the product or trainer. This is important for a correct quotation.  

What information do I need to report a problem?

To report a problem, the following information is necessary for us: the serial number of the trainer, date and location of purchase and a clear complaint description. Photos of the defect, the purchase receipt and the serial number, must also be added.

The report can be submitted via our service form.

If you are not a resident in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany or Luxembourg, please refer to the reseller/dealer where you purchased your product.

Why a serial number?

We need a serial number so we can provide the right service for the product you have. Parts may vary by serial number series and to avoid delays in the service process, it is important to provide the correct serial number. After entering the correct serial number, your trainer will appear in the picture. 

General questions
What's the ideal user's height for the rowers?

There is no height specification for any Fluid rower. The specific determinant is by leg length. This is the point of reference that determines whether the seat hits the back stop when legs are straight.

On average (i.e. average leg length) a person of approximately 6’6” would be accommodated on aPacifi c Rower, however if their legs were unusually long in proportion to their height, this may not be a suitable fit. If in doubt, the most efficient way to determine your most suitable fit is to sit on a rower and stretch your legs completely out.

Some important criteria to consider for tall people include:

  • Ample seat rail length so the user can fully extend their legs
  • Rowing motion must not be compromised in any way
  • Users must be able to see the fitness monitor without having to bend their neck uncomfortably
  • Users must be able to access buttons (if applicable) easily
  • Footrests must accommodate larger foot (if applicable)
How do I attach or detach the rower belt or Bungee cord

Instruction for Reattaching Handle Belt and Bungee Cord for Single Rail Rowers

Instruction for Reattaching Handle Belt for Dual Rail Rowers

Instruction for Reattaching Bungee Cord for Dual Rail Rowers

Floor Mats become stretched in certain parts

Place the Mats outside in the sun, on a flat surface, for 30 minutes and they will resume normal shape.

Heart Rate Kit
How do I install the Heart Rate Kit?

Instruction for PACIFIC / NEWPORT AR / PLUS

Instruction for Dual Rail Rowers

Lever cable
The Lever Cable on my E820/E920 is broken. How can I fix it?
Where can I find my manual?

You can download the manuals here.

There's no reading on my monitor?

Please check the sensor gap follow by the instruction manual provided below.

Apollo Rowers

Pacific_Neptune_Newport_Titan_Trident Rowers



My Console displays erratic, or no, Heart Rate readings. How can I fix this?
Can I connect a USB enable Console to my MacBook?

At present we do not support MacOS. However, we are planning to offer MacOS software similar to our Fluid Coach software in the not too distant future.

Does the distance displayed in line with the real acceleration of the wheel compared to the water resistance or is it just an estimation based on the number of strokes per min?
  1. Flywheel speed (RPM) through a stroke is used to determine stroke power.
  2. Stroke power is used to determine 500m split time.
  3. 500m split time is used with stroke time (catch to catch time) to determine stroke displacement (i.e. distance traveled through the stroke.
  4. Readings are updated per stroke.
Will my monitor works with all apps?

Only consoles made after mid-2020 support Bluetooth FTMS for app connectivity. When you power on your console the top line of the display will show Ao00.

Can I register my rower online?

No, we currently do not provide an online registration service.

Report an issue
Where can I report a malfunction, defective or broken part?

Did you encounter a malfunction? Is a part defective, broken, missing or do you want to purchase new parts? Please use our service platform below.

You can a report a malfunction, defective or broken part here?


Note: we will first ask you to create a user account. This way, we can process your problem reports and purchasing orders for new parts as fast and safe as possible. When you report a problem, we require some additional information: serial number, date of purchase and optional attachments like a scan or photo of your purchase receipt, the defective product or part, et cetera.

Service videos
Where can I find a service video?
Water tank
Which chlorine tablets should I use?

We recommend Fluid Chlorine tablets as they are readily available. Don’t buy anything used for swimming pool treatment as these will literally destroy the tank. Fluid Chlorine tablets are used for purifying small amounts of water for drinking, and as you are only looking to inhibit algae you only need 1‐2ppm two tablets will suffice.

I just purchased a new rower, but the blue dye was not included, where can I get some?

We have removed the blue dye from the product. We had, in the past included a bottle with every product. Unfortunately, the product was so concentrated that it instantly and permanently stained everything it touched including carpets, hardwood floors, peoples clothing, etc. So, we dropped including it early in 2013…

However there are some products out there that still describe it in the Owners Manuals. We apologize for this but the dye is not actually needed.

The blue dye was always an aesthetic addition to the water to color it blue. The Chlorine tabs (supplied) are what actually treat the water.

Why does the water in my water tank appear cloudy or changed in colour?

Check to see that your unit has not been positioned in direct sunlight as this can impact the water quality. If necessary, change the location of the ergometer to reduce exposure to direct sunlight.
Your tank requires a water treatment every 12-24 months. If the water becomes discoloured or shows signs of algae or bacterial growth simply add one Water Treatment Tablet.

I noticed the tank was leaking on my floor

With the resistance level set at the maximum, Please:

  • Check tank is filled to correct level, as shown by the fill level indicator on the tank cover.
  • Check that the filling cap is tightened or sealed.
  • Check if the seal is crooked on the Horizontal Rower.
  • Any sign of cracks around the tank bolts area or tank shell.
  • Fill up the contact form, a distributor will be in contact as soon as possible.
Why the inner chamber from the new rower drains during the night while the older rower keeps the water inside the inner chamber for a longer time?

The issue of the storage tank holding water is actually of far less importance than this customer seems to think. Our vertical tanks operate as a “fluid circuit” and assumes the indicated resistance level ONLY when the machine is in use. That’s what it’s designed to do. Once that use stops, the storage tank and impeller tank gradually equalize. The time this takes can vary from 20 seconds to 20 minutes; it is not important. What is important is that the storage tank holds it’s indicated level DURING USE. What happens afterwards does not affect the performance of the machine when it is being used.

Warranty & Delivery terms
Where can I find the warranty & delivery terms?

The Terms and Conditions of Warranty for Tunturi fitness equipment may differ per country. It is therefore always best to request the Terms and Conditions of Warranty from your distributor or seller. The Terms and Conditions of Warranty are valid in countries where Tunturi New Fitness B.V. is an authorised importer. In addition, these Terms and Conditions of Warranty are only applicable to the first owner / purchaser of the fitness equipment. The warranty period commences on the date on which the equipment is purchased. Your proof of purchase is always required when dealing with warranties, so make sure that you keep it in a safe place. This equipment must be in the possession of the first buyer / owner, and warranty repairs must, naturally, fall within the warranty period. The Terms and Conditions of Warranty are only applicable for normal use of the product, as described in the product manual, amongst other things, which is also available from this website.

Download Warranty Terms (Benelux - French)

Download Warranty Terms(International - English)

Download Delivery terms - EN

Download Delivery terms - DE

Download Delivery terms - FR

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