What should you pay attention to when buying a rowing machine?

What should you pay attention to when buying a rowing machine?

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The benefits of rowing

With a rowing machine the whole body is trained. A solid workout allows you to train the glutes, legs, back muscles, arms, shoulders and abs. You also work on your stamina and endurance. In short, your entire fitness level increases.


1. The basic conditions

Every rowing machine has a number of training programs and resistance levels. Do you want an extensive range of options to regularly adjust your workout or do you find a limited number of resistances and programs sufficient? The specifications often clearly describe how many programs and resistances a rowing machine has. Rowing machines with more options are often a bit more expensive.

2. You can row with four types of resistances.

1. Rowing machine with water resistance
With water resistance, the rowing motion is most realistic. In addition, the it also makes the most realistic 'water' sound, as if you are rowing through real water.
2. Rowing machine with air resistance

With air resistance you get more resistance as you deliver more power. This allows you to determine the resistance yourself during a workout without having to operate the screen. Please note that this rowing machine makes quite a lot of noise.
3. Rowing machine with magnetic resistance
A rowing machine with magnetic resistance uses a powerful magnet to provide resistance during a workout. This is easy to adjust via the training computer. You train more accurately with this than with air or water resistance. Furthermore, these rowing machines are relatively quiet.
4. Rowing machine with elastic resistance
The trainers with elastic resistance – or elastomer resistance – are relatively affordable in price. It is a great rowing machine for beginners, because it has less resistance levels and training programs.

3. Types of rails

You can choose between two types of rails for a rowing machine.
Single rail rowing machines
A rowing machine with a single rail – or monorail – - has one rail that the seat moves over when you row. If your balance isn't that good, there is a chance that you will wobble a bit.

Double rail rowing machines
A rowing machine with a double rail has two rails on which the seat slides back and forth. This gives you more stability and you train more comfortably. [/tekst][/blok]

4. The seat height, step height and training weight

Not every rowing machine has the same seat height. Look carefully at the seat height in the specifications, especially if you are a bit taller, to prevent the height from being incorrect and you having to train at the wrong height. This also applies to the user weight: look carefully in the specifications up to which weight you can use the rowing machine in connection with the safety of workouts. The entry is also important. Do you have physical complaints or are you rehabilitating? Then a high entry is more pleasant because you do not have to bend over. It is also often nicer that you sit a little higher off the ground.

5. Storage features

How much space do you have at home? Do you have a lot of space at home and can the rowing machine always remain standing or are you able to roll it into a corner using the transport wheels? Or do you have less space and are you looking for a more compact rowing machine, or even a rowing machine that you can fold up?

6. Bluetooth and other extra features

Do you want to train accurately, adapted to your body characteristics such as weight, height and heart rate during workouts? With bluetooth you can connect apps such as Tunturi Routes and a heart rate monitor to the rowing machine to monitor your progress and compare your training results with previous workouts. Do you find it uncomfortable to adjust the resistance manually or via the monitor while rowing? The Tunturi Performance R60 has quick keys integrated directly into the rowing handle.

Do you also want to row indoors? We have various rowing machines that will make your workout a success!



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